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Therapy with a robotic touch!

Motorika’s family of advanced robotic rehabilitation platforms, sold worldwide, personalizes therapy and accelerates recovery. Read more here!

Some people say they love what they do, but we mean it!  Healthcare is our passion and our clients are our valued partners. It is our purpose at Joya to bring your healthcare brand to life so that millions around the world can benefit from your innovation. We are in it for the long haul and will support you every step of the way to make your vision a reality.  


Check Out Some Of Our Happy Clients

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Freezing cancer in its tracks!

IceCure’s innovative technology, based on liquid nitrogen, enables non-surgical, in-office treatment of cancer tumors. 

Read more here!

Food allergies can be fatal!

SensoGenic is innovating the first multi-food allergen detection technology to empower food allergy sufferers with the freedom to eat. 
Read more here!

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A New Standard of Care in Bone Health Screening, Diagnosis and Monitoring!


Speech therapy in the digital age!

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Transforming brain disorder treatment

and management with big data science!

OsteoSee’s proprietary table-top, point-of-care solution brings bone health screening and monitoring to the primary clinic and home. 

Read more here!

TikTalk is changing the speech therapy paradigm with their innovative digital platform, making speech therapy more accessible and enabling clinicians to provide more effective treatment with faster results.  Read more here!

Taliaz’s AI-driven health prediction platform, PREDICTIX, helps personalize treatment

for faster patient recovery. 

Read more here!

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